Angelica Tavares

AT Design owner and Head Designer

Angelica Tavares - AT Design

Angelica Tavares holds a degree in Business Administration, complemented by a Postgraduate Degree in Human Resources, and is certified in Interior Design by the Interior Design Institute in California.

Her professional journey began in the construction industry in Brazil, where she played a pivotal role in building houses and turning dreams into tangible reality from 2003 to 2005.

Having lived in diverse locations such as Venezuela, Italy, Rio de Janeiro, and now Houston, Angelica brings a rich cultural perspective to her work. Fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and English, she thrives on effective communication and understanding.

What truly ignites her passion is the transformation of often-overlooked spaces into areas that seamlessly integrate with the evolving realities of families. Outdoor spaces, in particular, are frequently forgotten and underutilized, but the designer specializes in bringing them to life. Each project presents an opportunity to turn dreams into reality, and with each endeavor, there is a growing sense of inspiration.

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